Adam Bové - EP

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Adam Bové - EP
© 2004 Adam J. Bové, Bovemusic

This project brought about many firsts for me.  It was the first time I had worked within the realm of Jazz music; the first time I had led a group of professional musicians that were commissioned to perform music I had written; this was the first project I had produced in its entirety—from its inception to the culmination of something that I can say I'm quite proud of.  I am hopeful that this will be just the first of a lifetime of music I produce to share with the world.

Analog tracks were recorded by Larry Santiago at Tsunami Recording in Moss Beach, CA.  All digital recording and mixing was done myself at my own private studio.  Mastering was done by Chris Seifert at Spark.


Matt Lucich - drums/perc.
Jason Muscat - bass
Stephan Ortiz - piano
James O'Dell - tenor sax/flute
Geechi Taylor - trumpet
Carrie Sawyer - oboe
Adam Bové - guitars/perc.
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